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Curriculum Review : Spelling Power by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon

Humbly I admit it, this is the third spelling program that we have tried this year.  We started with BJU Press Spelling 6, finally decided on the Spelling Power program by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon.  Spelling Power is expensive around $60 for the basic program and the student notebook. When it arrived, I excitedly opened the package.  I started with the Quick Start DVD right away.

The DVD got us started quickly, for which I am thankful.  We took the spelling placement exams and she placed higher than I thought.  Then after following all the placement exams, we found her niche in the ‘G’ section and started with the first spelling test.  After the first week, she was cruising along.  The true test of a successful program is an improvement with her spelling while completing writing assignments.  Her spelling started to improve. By focusing on words that she misspelled, she made a better effort to learn those troublesome words.

Spelling Power is different from the other systems that we have tried.  The others give you a list and a rule to learn.  BJU did have activities to perform with the lessons. These activities while fun, proved to keep her busy, but did not help her learn.  Spelling Power is different.  The student is given a list of words to spell.  The list is graded and the student is asked to continue on only those words that give them problems.  The student will write the word, spell the word and say it, spelling the word and look at it and write the word.  Finally, to insure understanding, the student is asked to write a sentence with the word using it properly in the sentence.  There are activity cards to use to take the system further, however I found that the basics were good.

In summary, I like Spelling Power for the following reasons:

  1.  Complete system for all grades.  As a homeschooler who has a budget, this is nice.
  2. A student is encouraged to approach spelling through written, verbal, and visual means.
  3. Most of all, it seems to be working.

In fairness, I do want to say there are a couple things I do not like.

  1. I do not like spending around $60 at one time for spelling, even if it is for all grades.
  2. I do not like add-ons, which increases the price. Ordering Spelling Power will give you the Spelling Power book, Teacher’s Resource CD and Quick Start DVD.  However, they have additional products you can buy such as the Activity Cards and the Student notebooks. I recommend the student notebooks.
  3. It is a complicated system that takes time for the parent to apply, even with the Quick Start DVD.  You do not just jump into this one.

All that said, what a difference a spelling system could make. My daughter is getting better at spelling.  I am not suggesting that this system is good for your child, but it is working for mine.  I will write a follow up at the end of the year to let you know if she is going to survive with spelling skills or we will continue our spelling quest.

Happy Spelling!


A Spelling Decision

“Mommy, this is the third spelling course we have tried this year!”

Regretfully, I acknowledged that this was true.  Finally, months into our school year, I found something that is working with my daughter.  It took months of spelling lessons to get there.

We started with BJU Press Spelling 6.  While it is a good solid spelling program, I noticed that my daughter was getting too good at the spelling tests.  You know that feeling when the tests scores are 100% correct, yet misspellings are occurring in her writing on the very words passed in the spelling test. After 12 lessons, I finally clued in.  This spelling system may not be working for her.  I asked myself, what is she truly learning? Definitely, what she is learning is not transferring to her writing.

Consequently, I thought that it was time for a change.  As part of the Classical Conversations group, I thought that we would try the spelling lists and rules in the back of the Essentials guide.  Again, she did great on her spelling tests, but lacked excellent spelling skills when writing.  Confused and concerned that my child would grow up without excellent spelling skills necessary to survive in college or beyond, I started to look for another spelling curriculum.

After exhaustive research on every homeschooling message boards and curriculum websites, I decided to try Spelling Power by Beverly L. Adams-Gordon.  Spelling Power is expensive around $60 for the basic program and the student notebook. The Spelling Power information states that it is a multi-level customized curriculum. That is actually nice for a homeschooling one family. Since we are going through homeschooling once, we are not able to take advantage of economies of scale. Is the spelling curriculum worth the price?

There is one thing that I know for sure.  It is critically important for my child to have an excellent command of spelling for her future. I feel that good spelling skills helps a student or adult to have confidence in their writing skills.

Happy Spelling!