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Are You a Homeschool Sonlight Fan?

Sonlight Fans are waiting across the globe for the new 2013 homeschool curriculum catalog.

If you are a member of the Sonlight Forum, you can get a quick and blurry sneak peak at a page of the new 2013 catalog.

We love Sonlight curriculum, however I do pre-read almost all of the Sonlight curriculum.  My daughter has an accelerated reading level.  While many of the books are at her reading level, some of the content is for an older student.  In some cases, we will discuss the book before reading it.  In other cases, I will eliminate the book from her reading list and try and find an appropriate substitute.

I recommend Sonlight for any child whether they like to read or not.  The books are interesting and informative.  Sonlight does have a list of 27 reasons not to buy Sonlight core.  Be sure to read those reasons.

Have a wonderful day!