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Bugs Everywhere

jan16homeschooling1My daughter has started a live insect collection!  For Christmas, she received a deluxe butterfly pavilion, a fun ladybug dome, and a color changing ant gel farm.  She is beyond excited.  Her tiny butterfly and ladybug larvae came a couple days ago and she has been fascinated with them ever since.  All the larvae have creative names and most are still with us.  However, I must say that William the Third seems to be asleep for a very long time.

What is so amazing to me is that the larvae are growing rapidly. God is truly amazing.

We thought that we would share pictures of the larvae and life cycle of the butterflies and ladybugs.  We have not received the ants yet.  When we do, we will share those too!  This is a great homeschooling science project!

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Have a wonderful day!