Swimming Homeschooler

The alarm blares as the digital minute hand ticks to 4:30 am. Jumping out of bed, we are in full action; we need to get our swimmer to the swim meet, which is at least 1.50 hours away. She sleeps and we drive!

Finally, we arrive at the swim meet noticing all the swimmers loaded down with swim bags and camp chairs on their backs moving toward the pool. While our daughters excitement builds, we are relieved…we delivered one swimmer well rested, fed and ready to go to her coach. Now, it is time to find the concession stand for some much-needed coffee.

Our story is not uni20140220-161939.jpgque to any swim parent. It is the life of a USA swim parent.  I find there are some advantages to homeschooling a swimmer and there are some disadvantages. We will explore some of these topics as well as swim parent advice.



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