Homeschooling Curriculum Reviews


Wow!  You have decided to homeschool your one child. You have made a very important decision.  Many homeschooling one parents feel the pressure is on.  As a homeschooling parent of one, you want to get it right…you have only one chance at this.  Not to mention, the feeling that you only have one child compared to other homeschooling parents who have multiple children. We often feel that there is no excuse to provide less than excellent education.  So, we march on trying to excel in all areas buying and trying curriculum, videos, software, and tools within our financial means.

In the 5 years that we have been homeschooling, I have bought, tried, and retired multiple books and tools that are designed to make my life easier.  I will provide a review of the curriculum, book, video, software package,  or tool and our observations.

I have discovered that I am a Classical, Literature, and Traditional homeschooling parent who enjoys a good lapbook or unit study.  And the truth be known, I like books, videos, software programs, and tools.  Yes, I have many bookshelves in my house and they are all full.  In addition, I like using technology when it is appropriate.

Join me as I discuss my observations with books, tools, videos, software programs, and technology in our Home School.

Non-Traditional Homeschool Curriculum