Technology at Home

DSCN7611I love technology! But, only when it is appropriate and when it doesn’t consume my life or my family’s life. I don’t like people on iPods or cell phones when I am talking with them.  I do like email and websites when I have time. And, I support Unplug Sundays!

I believe in teaching people technology by starting with science. How can you understand a computer, if you don’t understand a circuit board. How can you understand a circuit board, if you don’t understand circuits. And, finally, how can you understand circuits, if you don’t understand how an electron works. We start with the basics and work up to the current technology. My science and technology lessons are for young and old. I currently teach these lessons privately starting at the upper elementary level. I do modify the lessons depending on the class and age of the students.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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