Our Story

“Homeschooling! You have got to be kidding! I would never homeschool!” I said to my homeschooling neighbor a many years ago. I even went on to say comments like; I didn’t know how she did it and I could never give up my time or my technical career. Fast forward 6 years, and here I am homeschooling for the fifth year in a row. And, I love it. More importantly, my daughter loves it.

We did not come by this decision lightly or easily. My daughter attended public school then a private school. The private school decided not to continue to the next grade due to lack of facility. Therefore, we were left with few options in our area. I was an engineer and manager for many years. I did what any good engineer would do. I prepared an excel spreadsheet to document the search for a new private school.

As each school was evaluated, I would shade the column a color(green, yellow or red) indicating whether it was a possibility. All the schools started out green including the far right column labeled, homeschooling. As the weeks progressed, the columns would turn colors to yellow (caution and concern) and red (an absolute no go ). During my search, 2 of the schools closed down (red), and 1 was over crowded with over 30 students in one small classroom(red). In the end, there was only one green one left. Yes, it was homeschooling. So, I dove into homeschooling with both feet.

Homeschooling is not for the feint of heart. And, it is not for those people who want to sit back and remain uninvolved. It is hardest job that you will ever do. But, the rewards are huge! We will explore the good times and challenging times of homeschooling one child. We will explore curriculum and ideas to help you as you home school your wonderful student.  So, join me on this journey of homeschooling one.