5 Productive Swim Practice Ideas for Parents


I spend a lot of time at swim practice and meets, waiting for and watching my daughter.  Since we travel over an hour, it does not make sense for me to go home.  As a homeschooling swim mom, I find there is an endless stack of items to do. Over the years, I have found some ideas to keep myself productive during swim practice.  I will break them into 5 groups.

 Reading and Reviewing School Work

I like to pre-read books that my daughter is going to read.  I try to use swim practice time to read books.  There is never enough time to read books before my daughter is clamoring to read them.  Unfortunately, it can be loud when the coach is shouting across the pool to the swimmers.  Therefore, I try to choose books that are not complex requiring thought.


This is a wonderful time to exercise.  Our facility has exercise equipment to use at an additional fee.  If this is not possible and the neighborhood is safe, going for a walk is a great way to move those muscles. Walking, around the parking lot a few times, can get those muscles moving.


This year I have decided to knit hats for my family for Christmas presents.  Many swim practices, I divide my time between paperwork, reading, exercising, and knitting.  Knitting and other fiber arts are great for keeping the hands busy while watching your child or talking to other parents.


We are truly blessed with a wonderful swim team family.  The parents are a joy to spend time chatting in a good way.  However, I do have a few suggestions when chatting.  Always remember to chat, not gossip.  This is so important.  In addition, your child or children are yours to worry about.  It is not for you to talk negatively about other children.  When mentioning other kids, I am careful to say positive things.  They are kids and do not need any additional pressure from parents.


I do not know about you, but I have a lot of paperwork or little catch up items to do.  I have been known to balance a checkbook, pay bills, make phone calls, arrange a doctor’s appointment, clean out my purse, buy some goggles online, and yes, admittedly, I have purchased Christmas gifts during swim practice.


Sports are a wonderful activity for children to build character. As parents, maintaining positive reinforcement through our actions and activities helps our children as they explore their sport. Spending our time productively demonstrates to our children, that we are good time managers, so that we do not waste time!

Have a wonderful day!

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