Christian Non-Traditional Homeschool Curriculum Review : My Father’s World

HomeschoolingOne is continuing the Non Traditional Homeschool Curriculum review of four Classical and Literature based curriculum on the market.  My Father’s World (MFW) is the third of these reviews.


My Father’s World

My Father’s World combines the best of Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, and Unit Studies all in one.  They segment their offerings by Discovery (younger ages), Investigate (through 8th grade), and Declare (High School).  In their Investigate series, they have a five-year curriculum series; Geography, Ancient History, World History (Rome to Reformation), US and World History to 1850, and US and World History from 1850 to Modern Times.  My Father’s World provides a combination of their curriculum guides and books from various publishers assembled into a package for their customers.  Following the general guide that a student may start with the geography segment, the Exploring Countries and Cultures includes books such as Heroes Tales, Christian Heroes Now and Then, Properties of Ecosystems, and Living World Encyclopedia.  They have a reading list available for the parent to use at the library to supplement the student’s reading at their level and ability.  Based on the five curriculum series for grades 2-8, a student would get through the series almost 2 times.


MFW does adjust for the student’s level of comprehension by adding in progressively more difficult language arts, writing, math, and science.  The language arts early years are based on an old text of Primary/Intermediate Language Lessons, Spelling Power, and Writing Strands. At 7th grade, the language arts changes to Progeny Press along with Spelling Power and Writing Stands.  The Math is based on Singapore Math until 7th grade when it changes to Saxon.  The Science is built into the basic curriculum through reading books until 7th grade at which it changes to the Apologia Science series starting with Apologia General Science.



MFW is very reasonable with the Exploring Countries and Cultures priced at $279 and 1850 to Modern Times at $351.  Although there are some reading books in their curriculum, they do encourage the parent to visit the library for additional books.  The prices do not include Math and Language Arts.  The parent would need to supplement this package with additional cost.


Author’s Opinion

We have never used MFW, but wished we had reviewed prior to this stage of our homeschool walk.  We like many of MFW concepts including the rich selection of books to enhance the understanding of history and the world around us.  It is interesting that the publishers offer Read Alouds and suggest going to the library to supplement the curriculum at the student’s ability.  They are aware of the price and trying to help the parent select appropriate material for the student along with not burdening with a high cost.

I agree with MFW in the Science selection especially at the 7th grade level.  Students at that level do need to be moving a little more into the higher science if they are headed toward a science degree in college.


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