Homeschooling Curriculum Review: Visual Latin

Visual Latin logo“Mommy, can we watch those Latin videos, again!”

Periodically, I agree to do a web multimedia curriculum review.  I received Visual Latin as an evaluation copy to perform a curriculum review based on the first set of Lessons available on the website.  The evaluation is based on the ease of use, customer service, as well as the content.


From the start, the Visual Latin order process was a smooth one.  I was able to download the lessons directly on to my computer.  This is very nice.  Many curriculum providers do not provide a standalone video download.  They assume that the customer will always be connected to the internet with a high bandwidth that can handle video downloads.  This is not the case for many people. Therefore, Visual Latin’s foresight in the technical content delivery is welcomed.  During the download, I had a problem with one of the lessons, which gave me a great chance to test the customer service.  The customer service answered my email quickly with a solution.  In fact, they were already aware of the problem and provided a long-term solution.  The communication was excellent.


The Lessons are a great combination of video and worksheet.

Each Lesson has a series of three videos and worksheets. For example:

  • Lesson 1a: Grammar
  • Worksheet 1a
  • Lesson 1b: Sentences
  • Worksheet 1b
  • Lesson 1c: Reading
  • Worksheet 1c

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My daughter and I enjoyed the video lessons very much.  The lessons were clear with the right amount of material for an upper elementary/middle school student.  The best thing about the video was the feeling of a teacher-student relationship. It felt like the teacher speaking to you.  The teacher appeared friendly and approachable even though the experience was through a video.  When the video was finished, my daughter would complete the associated worksheet.  The worksheets were straightforward if you were paying attention and listening to the video.  They reinforced the subject well.


Both my daughter and I dreaded Latin before Visual Latin.  Now, we look forward to the lessons.  Are the videos for everyone?  Maybe not, each student is different and each parent is different.  In order to help the parent with purchasing decision, the Visual Latin website gives the parent an opportunity to view a lesson, free.  The lesson on the website is representative of the lessons we have evaluated.  If you have some time, visit the Visual Latin website at and check it out for yourself.


Have a wonderful day! (I would say that in Latin…but I am still learning!)




Disclosure: received an evaluation copy of the first 10 lessons of Visual Latin videos. The review is our opinion of the product.  It is recommended that each parent review the website.  Check out the trial or free lessons before purchasing to ensure that the curriculum is a match for your family. is not affiliated with Visual Latin.

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